Pure Passions Farm

Come for the Alpacas, Stay for the Sunsets

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Alpaca Picnic

I'll Pack A Picnic

Relax with up to 12 of your closest family or friends at the Grill & Chill area on the farm.  You will be grilling (or packing a picnic) in the pasture with the alpacas!




    • Up to 12 people allowed


    • Small Grill with Propane 


    • Area is in the pasture with alpacas 


    • Bring your own food/beverages


    • Access to alpacas & goats


    • Access to the Playground 


    • Access to the half basketball court 


    • Access to a Luxury Double Rest Room Trailer


    • Access to the Fairy Garden


    • Access to Ring the large farm bell


    • Tons of great photo Opportunities



    • Lunch 12pm - 2pm  


    • Dinner 4pm - 6pm


  • 2 Hours for only $99


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Tuesday, October 3, 2023