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Best Natural Fertilizer!

September Special!!!

50% off a Truck/Trailer Load making it ONLY $20 for the best fertilizer your garden can have!

You have 4 options to get your hands on this "Black Gold"

FREE: Scoop out of the dry lot or field yourself.  Shovel and scoop provided, but bring your own container.

$9.99: 5 OZ of Pure Paca Poo in a bag ONLY $9.99 + S&H (Inventory is limited).  This is dried and ground pure alpaca fertilizer which is great for smaller projects or houseplants. 

$40.00: Fill your truck or trailer.(up to 30% hay/stone mix)  Although composting is not needed, most loads will have been composted for at least a small period of time.  This is great for large gardens.

$10.00:  40 lb bag.  (up to 10% hay/stone mix)  This is great for smaller gardens or flower beds. 


Friday, September 8, 2023