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All Natural!

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Do you have weeds, poison ivy or other vegetation you are looking to get removed??  Is the terrain is too difficult for traditional mowers or you want a natural way of removing to protect your kids and pets???  Look no further, Goat-scaping is here!  

Watch the goats turn your unwanted weeds into natural fertilizer. 

Meet Your Goatscapers!

We bring you:

-8-10 goats

-a temporary electric mesh fence

-shelter for you to lock them in at night if they are doing over-nighters

-Water buckets 


-Pricing Will vary from job to job.  Please reach out for a free consultation visit and quote.

-Basic introductory pricing with no additional work is $199 for day 1 and $99 each day after.

(We travel up to 20 miles from the farm: 7679 Seasons Rd. Kent, OH  44240)

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Tuesday, May 21, 2024