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Fundraise for Free

Fundraise for FREE with Alpacas

Text, Email, or Call Scott for availability and questions:  [email protected]   704.564.6527


If you need a unique place to hold your next fundraiser, this may be it!  We are giving away 6 spots for 2024!


Choose a 3 hour Fundraising time window: 10a - 1p OR 2p - 5p


Click Here for an Application


Your Group will get


-The Star Barn event center.


-Soulmate Barn (Alpaca and Goat barn)


-Large freezer for storage prior to event


-Large propane grill and Popcorn machine


  (volunteers must clean after)




-1/2 Basket ball court


-Fairy Garden


-Fancy Toilet Trailer ($850 value)


-If you choose we can develop your marking flier.  


-100% of what you sell


  -Examples: Food, drinks, popcorn, snacks, crafts, etc.






-Must apply at link below 


-Must be a 501C3


-Must have a minimum of 8 volunteers helping in the following areas.  The "animal helpers" must show up 1 hour prior to event time for a safety and training session.


  2 people with Alpacas


  1 person with goats


  2 people helping with parking


  1 person helping in the Farm Store


  2 people helping with your fundraiser sale.




Thoughts to keep in mind


-As a farm we are in the country and do not have any foot traffic.  You MUST have a large following and a way to get people to the farm to have a successful fundraiser.


-We have parking for approximately 30 vehicles OR 50 if we can utilize the grassy areas.  Volunteers will have to carpool as to not take up too many spaces for your followers/donators.  Any marketing should state "limited parking"


-The farm is able to handle approximately 100 people at a time.  


-It is recommended you secure more volunteers than the minimum in case something comes up for someone the day of the event. 

Click Here for an Application

Friday, January 12, 2024